Brand: Huawei P40 Lite
Product Code: Huawei P40 lite Charging Port PCB Board
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Auxiliary plate with charging connector, data and micro USB accessories for Huawei P40 Lite, JNY-L21, JNY-L01A, JNY-L21B, JNY-L22A, JNY-L02A, JNY-L22B, JNY-LX1


-PREMIUM quality auxiliary boards with charging connector.

-They maintain all functions; fast charging; excellent signal coverage and full bandwidth for data transfer.

-Our PREMIUM quality charging boards include all the necessary components to enable the functions of the source terminal, such as fast charging (Quick Charge; Power Delivery USB-PD; Samsung Super Fast Charging; TurboPower; Dash Charge; Warp Charge; VOOC; Super VOOC; Huawei SuperCharge; etc).

-These boards ensure optimal coverage level as well as maximum available bandwidth for USB cable data transfers.

-They mount all the necessary audio filters to obtain the cleanest and clearest sound from both microphones and speakers connected to them and thus avoid interference or noise in calls and audio playback.

Also, these PREMIUM quality boards include all the circuits, components and safety elements to avoid any inconvenience in the terminals in which they are installed

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