Brand: IPhone 6
Product Code: iPhone 6 Lightning Connector and Headphone Jack
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iPhone 6 (Excludes iPhone 6 Plus, 6s, and 6s Plus)


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Product description
Iphone6 can't be charged, connected to the computer, the return key can't be used normally, there's no sending, the hands-free can't be turned on, and there's no ring tone. You can buy this repair kit for replacement. The kit contains tail plug-in cable If you encounter difficulties, you can refer to the video of this website in the process of replacement
Product highlights
Experience the fun of maintenance experts and different ways of playing, so you don't have to be confused about privacy disclosure from now on.
Product tips
This accessory includes: Apple 6 iphone6 tail plug cable
Tools needed: (to be purchased separately)
Simple kit for iPhone / iPad disassembly
IPhone 6 magnetic screw memory stick

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